Plai TV

The Plai TV attribute enables access to free to air (unencrypted) stations in the broadly accessible DVB-T network. Display size can be altered. Plai TV also has a next and now pub empowering users to scroll through live TV and view what’s coming on next and what’s on other stations.

The Plai TV Library is where all the content that is recorded is saved. The content might be looked at in a thumbnail view or in a list view. It’s also completely sortable by name, station and date. The library is also where content could be exported to the primary menu of the PlayStation 3 to be kept with the remainder of the user’s video files. Display size can be altered.


The plai tv could be utilized in Linux since 2.6.30. There are considered to be two hardware versions of the apparatus, using the ULI chipset.

In Windows or Linux, AVC/MPEG4 HD transmissions that are utilized in Ireland and continental Europe can be handled by Plai TV. The UK has embraced DVB T2 for terrestrial high-definition TV broadcasts, so PS3 owners will not be given accessibility by the Plai TV to all those TV channels.

An unofficial Windows program (in Spanish language only) enables users to edit the file channel_ps3.bin and customize the arrangement of stations in the Plai TV applications (a function not generally accessible). A PlayStation Jailbreak apparatus is called for to be able to transfer the file to PC from PS3.

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